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Os barcos em garrafas de Hans Euler / The ships in bottles by Hans Euler / Les bateaux en bouteilles de Hans Euler / / Los barcos en botellas de Hans Euler / Le barche in bottiglia di Hans Euler

Hans Euler Há muitos anos, talvez no início dos anos 80, antes da unificação da Alemanha Democrática e da Alemanha Federal em 1989, um tio meu ofereceu-me um calendário cujas fotografias eram de barcos em garrafas e lembrava-me que era, provavelmente, proveniente da República Democrática Alemã. Cheguei a fotografar algumas das imagens desse calendário e mostro-as aqui nas duas primeiras fotografias que apresento.  Many years ago, perhaps in the early 1980s, before the unification of Democratic Germany and Federal Germany in 1989, my uncle offered me a calendar whose photographs were about ships in bottles and I reminded that it was probably coming from The German Democratic Republic. I got to photograph some of the images of this calendar and I show them here in the first two photographs that I present. Il y a de nombreuses années, peut-être au début des années 1980, avant l'unification de l'Allemagne démocratique et de l'Allemagne fédérale en


The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum explores Savannah’s maritime history through displays of nautical artifacts, paintings, (...) scale models of famous ships, and ships in bottles. The museum is housed, appropriately, in the Scarbrough House, former home of William Scarbrough (1776-1838). Scarbrough was an important figure in Savannah’s maritime history, one of the backers of the historic SS Savannah, the first ship to cross the Atlantic under partial steam power. The failure of the Savannah, commercially unviable despite the success of its historic trans-Atlantic voyage, bankrupted Scarbrough. He had lived in his new house for only two years. The house passed through various hands until its purchase for an orphanage in 1870. After only a few years more it was sold again, to George Wymberley Jones De Renne, and in the late 1870s the Scarbrough House was loaned to the Board of Education. The house then entered the longest phase in its history, as the f